Thursday, September 20, 2012

Road Trip Stats and Musings

May 2012

Looking back on the road trip is an interesting feeling. Seeing some incredible sights lead to phenomenal highs, and the lack of team work from some lead to some pretty bad lows. Overall, I had one hell of a blast and I am so glad I did it with the people I did it with. Here are some stats I tried to work out from the trip:

3651 mapped miles
God knows how many actual miles driven

$1000+ Dollars spent
69 hours solid mapped driving (many more actual hours driven!)
25 days
25 main places stopped at
20 Walmarts visited (approx)
Countless booze
9 people
Numerous arguments
7 states traveled through
1 night fearing for our lives
Untold numbers of ‘are you foreign’ type questions asked
1 amazing trip

I know I bitched about 'certain' people all through the blog posts, but I'd like to point out that these blogs were written by hand on the trip and then typed up at a later date. As such the thoughts etc were from that time and in hindsight I realise that at times I really did get a bit wound up over something really not that important in the long run. Having said that, when you've been driving all day and then don't get any help setting things up from others when you arrive at a destination then it does get incredibly frustrating after a while.

It now being nearly three months (at time of writing) since the road trip ended its crazy to think back to it and writing these posts now really brings home the huge amount of things that we did and saw on the trip. Stories have been told countless times (especially breaking down in LA - I think my family heard that one like 10 times whilst I was at home!), and memories revisited. It had been a dream of mine to road trip in the USA for years, and I was so happy to have been able to do it.

I want to thank all the others who were on the roadtrip with me: Antonia, Amy, Barney, Eshe, Jon, Kim, Michael and Wahid. You all made the road trip what it was, and I did truly enjoy sharing the epic journey with you. 

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