Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I was expecting this, and I wasn’t disappointed. We all know that Americans call things differently to the English, and the South is no different. What follows is a list of words I have said to people and gotten a blank look in response, or that I hadn’t really heard before, with its English meaning or explanation.

Y’all – you all.
Heaps – lots of
Dumbass – (self explanatory)
Yankee – peoples from the Northern states of the USA (related to the American Civil War)
Chips – crisps (so confusing!)
Refrigerator – fridge
Only 3 hours away – bloody miles!
“Graaam” – Graham (name of my Dorm)
“Craaaag” – Craige (name of another dorm)
The Pit – The campus center where a lot of people meet up
RA – residential advisor. They are responsible for the corridor and those in it.
Biscuit – a breakfast type edible thing. Nothing like McVities!
Grits – a cheesy potato-y type food
Redcoat – my name in the corridor when I act stereotypically English (usually proceeded by goddam!)
How are you?! – Hello (doesn’t always warrant a response – very confusing!)

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